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On a Web Browser:

On the home page of this very website, there is a media player at the top of the page.  When the stream is open and live, you click play and you hear us.  I've been told that it works on all web browsers.  The media player on the home page does work with some smart phones.


-iOS will continue to play stream even if you exit safari.


-Android and Windows OS will play the stream, but will stop when you exit the web browser



On a Smart Phone or Tablet:

There is a free app available for iOS, Android and Windows phones called TuneIn Radio.  Install the app by clicking on the icon below, and once its installed, search for Live from the Dining Room.

On a Computer:

There are multiple ways to listen to past episodes. Firstly, by clicking here.  The Podcast is listed on iTunes, which you could subscribe to and automatically get new episodes when they're available.  The Episodes are also available on the home page of this website.



On a Smart Phone or Tablet:

Best ways to get the podcasts on your phone are by downloading either free app. Podcasts, which is only available to iOS users.  Our show is also listed on Stitcher, which is available on all smartphones.  Just click the icons below for either app to download. Both are free and both allow you to subscribe to our shows on demand.

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